this has to be staged… the fact that I thought of you says a lot…about you.

Not sold on her just yet.  But this is a nice cover.  Pharrell’s producing the next album…but I’m sure you knew that.

Just in case you forgot.


yeah. pretty much.

FOX headlines vs other news headlines


The Sylvers: “New Horizons” (album cover), 1977 [+]

A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus.

KATHY GRIFFIN, on receiving one of her two Emmys.

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There’s pledges to not raise taxes, pledges to end abortion, pledges to ‘protect marriage’ from gay people. ‘Pledges’ are how modern candidates send the message ’ I’m not just a bigger asshole than you are — I’m willing to put it in writing.

Now, one of the reasons we’ve spent the last month arguing about the debt ceiling is that half of the Tea (Party) Congress signed a vow to never raise taxes. Someone just handed them something and it wasn’t a gun, a crucifix or a fetus — so they signed it. Why? ‘Because we’re rugged individuals who love freedom. Now excuse us while we sign this document swearing to do as we’re told.’

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I went to hang out with a few friends over “bonfire and brewskies” the night before July 4th.  The drunker they became the louder the exclamations of love for the ‘homeland’. “Man, I love Ameerica.”  ”This country’s so awesome.”  ”Give it up for MOTHER-FUCKING AMEERICA!”

Quietly, I sipped my margarita and shrank into my chair hoping to render myself unnoticed. I’ve got about as much love for America as she has for me.  Never fully trusted her, certainly not tethered to her and always looking for the next best thing.  

Title: City Escape Artist: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle 541 plays

This, right here. Legit. Remember the first time I popped it into the Gamecube.

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African American Film Releasing Movement (AFFRM) announces its Fall 2011 Film!

Yesterday Filmmaker and AFFRM Founder, Ava Duvernay, announced that the collective had gained the theatrical rights to Alrick Brown’s KINYARWANDA.  Expect the film to hit theaters in limited release this November. 


SO PSYCHED ABOUT THIS! In fact, I’ve been meaning to write something about AFFRM and its mission — so inspiring to see entrepreneurial and innovative ideas materialize.